HW-Electro Puzzle electric minivan

What Is HW Electro’s Puzzle?

The Puzzle is a small, boxy van that seats two people and has a range of 180 miles. It is powered by a solar-electric powertrain, with rooftop solar panels that can provide up to 10% of the vehicle’s range. The Puzzle also has many emergency features, including a crowbar, power outlets, photovoltaic panels, built-in WiFi, USB ports, and a first aid kit. These features are all located on the vehicle’s exterior, making them easily accessible in an emergency.

The Puzzle van consists of three main parts: the chassis, the cabin and the battery pack. The chassis is the base of the vehicle, which houses the electric motor, the suspension system and the wheels. The cabin is the passenger compartment, which can be detached from the chassis and used as a mobile office, a camping pod or a mini-home. The battery pack is the power source of the vehicle, which can be swapped for different sizes and capacities.

The Puzzle van also features a solar roof that can generate up to 10% of the vehicle’s energy needs. The company says that the solar roof can extend the driving range by up to 30 kilometers per day. The Puzzle van has a top speed of 100 km/h and a maximum range of 300 km on a single charge.

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Specification Of The HW Electro Puzzle

  • Dimensions: 3,399 mm (133.8 in) long, 1,475 mm (58.1 in) wide, and 1,900 mm (74.8 in) tall
  • Weight: 660 kg (1,455 lb)
  • Battery: 17.7 kWh
  • Range: Up to 160 km (100 miles)
  • Top speed: 100 km/h (62 mph)

Key Features Of The HW Electro Puzzle

  • Solar-electric powertrain
  • Range of 180 miles
  • Rooftop solar panels
  • Emergency features include a crowbar, power outlets, photovoltaic panels, built-in WiFi, USB ports, and a first aid kit.
  • The Puzzle is small and easy to park, making it ideal for city driving.
  • A spacious interior with plenty of cargo space
  • Seating for two people

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Versatile Slanted Windows

It is a wonderfully seamless and delightful experience to drive and watch up front thanks to the large window that provides a wider perspective. Even if the windows at the side and back may seem smaller, you can still enjoy plenty of views from them. With the Puzzle, this adaptable eco-solar minivan from HW Electro has completely changed the way people travel in the future.

US Market Launch

The Puzzle is more of a “kei van” than a kei car, It has announced that its delightfully boxy Puzzle microvan will be coming to the US in 2025. It’s difficult to forecast the state of the American EV market when the Puzzle debuts in 2025. While sales are increasing, consumer demand has lagged behind auto industry estimates, creating uncertainty as the globe works to avert the most extreme effects of climate change.

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