elliq review and price 2024

What Is Elliq?

In order to tackle this serious issue Intuition Robotics has come up with their AI-powered product ElliQ, a tabletop robot that resembles a Pixar lamp. It has a sleek silver design that blends in with most household surroundings. It can move its head, light up, and speak with a friendly voice. It also comes with a tablet that serves as its screen and interface.

How Does Elliq Work?

ElliQ is composed of two parts: a tablet-like screen and a robotic head that moves and lights up to express emotions. ElliQ is voice-operated, so the user does not need to touch or type anything to use it. ElliQ can also understand gestures and facial expressions, making the interaction more natural and intuitive.

ElliQ uses artificial intelligence to learn from the user’s behavior and preferences over time and to tailor its responses and suggestions accordingly. ElliQ also uses machine learning to improve its performance and functionality based on feedback from the user and other sources.

ElliQ connects to the internet via Wi-Fi or cellular data, allowing it to access various online services and content. ElliQ also has an app that allows family members or caregivers to monitor the user’s well-being, activity level and mood, as well as communicate with them through ElliQ.

honest review Elliq-The AI-Powered Device 2024
Elliq-The AI-Powered Device

Features Of Elliq

ElliQ has many features and functions that can make life easier and more enjoyable for older adults. Here are some of them:

  • It can initiate conversations with the user, offering positive small talk, daily updates, news, weather, sports and more. ElliQ has a unique and compassionate personality that adapts to the user’s preferences and mood.

  • It can provide entertainment and stimulation for the user, such as music, jokes, trivia, audiobooks, games and virtual tours. ElliQ can also suggest new activities and content based on the user’s interests and needs.

  • This bot can help the user achieve their health and wellness goals, by encouraging them to be physically and mentally active. ElliQ can guide the user through video workouts, cognitive games, mindfulness exercises and relaxation techniques. ElliQ can also help the user build healthier habits by setting reminders for errands, appointments or medications.

  • It can strengthen the connection between the user and their loved ones, by enabling easy video calls, messages and photo sharing. ElliQ can also help the user share their memories and life lessons through a digital memoir feature, or send virtual greeting cards on special occasions.

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Benefits Of Elliq

This AI-powered bot has many potential benefits for older adults who use it regularly. Some of these benefits are:

  • Reduced loneliness and improved mood: It can provide companionship and emotional support for older adults who may feel lonely or isolated. ElliQ can also help them cope with stress, anxiety or sadness by offering positive affirmations, humor or empathy.

  • Enhanced cognitive function and memory: It can stimulate the user’s brain by challenging them with games, puzzles or trivia. ElliQ can also help them recall important information or events by reminding them or asking them questions.

  • Increased physical activity and fitness: It can motivate the user to exercise more by showing them easy-to-follow videos or tracking their progress. ElliQ can also help them prevent falls or injuries by reminding them to take their medications or check their blood pressure.

  • Greater social engagement and connection: It can facilitate communication and interaction with family members or friends by enabling video calls or messages. ElliQ can also help them discover new interests or hobbies by suggesting online courses or cultural experiences.
Elliq AI-Powered Robot Device for older adults
Elliq AI-Powered Robot Device

Drawbacks Of Elliq

Not compatible with other apps

Although ElliQ has a tonne of pre-loaded activities, such as workouts and trivia, it can’t connect to other popular apps like Pandora, Netflix, or Sirius Radio. It would have been convenient to be able to connect to these services, as I already pay for subscriptions to them. ElliQ does include a few music stations (its classical station is superior to Pandora’s, albeit not as good as Sirius Radio’s), but it is missing many of the popular music genres that we listen to, such as oldies and salsa.

ElliQ’s high-cost and subscription pack

ElliQ requires a $250 setup fee in addition to a monthly charge of $60 if billed monthly or $50 if billed annually ($600). This robot is not inexpensive. Having said that, I believe the price is rather fair considering the high degree of technology and feature set of the gadget. In addition, there is a lifetime warranty on the equipment and a 30-day home trial available.

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Is Elliq a Perfect Solution For Older Adults?

Loneliness can affect not only mental health but also physical health, increasing the risk of depression, cognitive decline, heart disease, and other chronic conditions.

Fortunately, technology can offer some solutions to help older adults stay connected, engaged, and independent. One of these solutions is ElliQ, an AI-powered companion robot designed specifically for seniors. ElliQ is not just a device, but a friendly and proactive sidekick that can interact with older adults in natural and personalized ways.

This AI-powered bot is not perfect, nor does it claim to be, but it is certainly promising. It is not a substitute for human contact or care, but rather a supplement that can enhance the quality of life of older adults. It is not a medical device or a therapist, but rather a friendly helper that can assist with some aspects of health and wellness. It is not a toy or a pet, but rather a smart companion that can entertain and educate.

It is one of the most advanced and innovative companion robots available today, and it has received positive reviews from many users who have tried it. It may not be for everyone, but it may be a perfect solution for some older adults who are looking for a new way to stay connected, engaged, and independent.

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