nuphy air75 wireless mechanical keyboard 2023

If you are looking for a slim, wireless, and customizable mechanical keyboard, you might want to check out the NuPhy Air75. This keyboard is designed to offer a comfortable and efficient typing experience, whether you are working or gaming. In this article, we will review some of the features and benefits of the NuPhy Air75 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard and why use should have it on your computer table.

One of the main advantages of a wireless mechanical keyboard is that it eliminates the clutter of wires on your desk. You can easily move your keyboard around, or use it with multiple devices without having to plug and unplug cables. This can also improve your posture and ergonomics, as you can adjust the position of your keyboard to suit your preferences.

Another benefit of a wireless mechanical keyboard is that it offers a more responsive and satisfying typing experience than a regular wireless keyboard. Mechanical switches have a distinct actuation point, which means you can feel when a key is pressed. This can reduce typing errors and fatigue, as well as provide a more enjoyable feedback. Mechanical switches also have a longer lifespan than membrane or scissor switches, which means your keyboard will last longer.

NuPhy Air75 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Features

The NuPhy Air75 is an innovative 75% ultra-slim wireless mechanical keyboard. It has the following characteristics:

– It has the world’s thinnest PBT spherical keycap, which is only 5.5mm thick and has a smooth and ergonomic shape.

– It supports a low-latency 2.4G wireless connection, which can connect up to four devices simultaneously and switch between them easily.

– It has the hot-swappable function, which allows you to change the switches without soldering or desoldering.

– It has a compact 75% layout, which is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems and saves desk space.

– It has a 4000mAh battery, which can last up to 240 hours of continuous use or 400 days of standby time.

– It has RGB backlighting, which can be customized with various effects and colors.

– It supports QMK/VIA firmware, which enables you to program the keyboard with macros, layers, and shortcuts.

What’s in the NuPhy Air75 box?

  • NuPhy Air75 wireless mechanical keyboard
  • 1 – USB C to USB A cable
  • 2.4 Ghz USB receiver
  • 2 – magnetic feet
  • 3 – keycaps for Mac users
  • 3 – extra switches
  • Switch/keycap puller
  • Sticker sheet
  • Quick guide/poster

NuPhy Air75 Built and Design

NuPhy Air75 Built andDesign bendwithtrend
NuPhy Air75 Built andDesign bendwithtrend

Nuphy Air75 wireless keyboard uses a low-profile gaiter on mechanical switches that have a shorter travel distance and actuation point than standard switches. The switches are available in red, brown, and blue variants, which offer different levels of tactile feedback and noise. The switches are also hot-swappable, meaning that users can easily replace them with other compatible switches without soldering.

If I talk about keycaps these are full, thick PBT! and by the way this is the first low-profile with thick PBT keycaps that I have seen so far. PBT is a favored plastic for full-sized keyboards due its greater durability and its resistance to shine but it also delivers a deeper and thicker typing sensation, and that’s the only reason why it is so fun typing and gaming with the Nuphy air75 keyboard.

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Given the limited space for travel or genuine body resonance, I was impressed with the feel and sound of the buttons. For the Air75, NuPhy employs a USB C connector; no archaic USB tiny wires here. This means I’ll have fewer cables to haul when I travel with it. Yes, I will travel with it. It’s incredibly light and thin. The top part of the casing is aluminum, while the bottom is ABS plastic, so it’s scarcely visible. When I travel for work, I always miss my mechanical keyboards, but the Air75 will make up for that.

RGB LEDs, like practically every electrical gadget accessible today, have multiple settings to alter such as brightness, color, modes, and so on. I’m not a big lover of light shows when typing, but I do like a solid color, and dim backlight, and I was fortunate to get one. In the associated manual/poster, NuPhy offered keyboard shortcuts to adjust all of those parameters. You can download the Nuphy Console if you want even more control over the LEDs. I’m not sure why the poster includes a picture of an anime character, but here she is, along with some stickers of her.

nuphy bottom magnet supporter bendwithtrend

Instead of using ultra-thin folding feet inside the board, which could be too weak and break quickly, NuPhy has used magnets in the back corners. These magnets snap into two orange plastic feet, keeping the keyboard at a comfortable raised typing angle if desired. It’s brilliant.

NuPhy Air75: Price And Availability

You can go directly visit NuPhy their official site and purchase an Air 75 for $99.95. You can select a switch type and even extra boxes of keycaps for an additional $19. NuPhy also provided me with one of the $19 NuFolio V2 cases. For an extra $19 you can grab a wrist rest, and then some decorated keycaps for $39.

You can also visit Amazon to make the purchase.

Final Words…

The Nuphy air75 wireless keyboard is a versatile and innovative keyboard that combines aesthetics and functionality. It is suitable for users who are looking for a compact, wireless, and customizable mechanical keyboard with low-profile keycaps and switches.

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