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If you are looking for a smartwatch that can help you balance your health and fitness goals, you might want to check out the newly launched Amazfit Balance smartwatch. This smartwatch has AI-based features that can monitor your heart rate, sleep, stress, activity, and body composition. Here I have shared in detail what I have experienced and know so far about this newly launched brand new smartwatch from Amazfit and Zepp.

AI-Based Health Features
Amazfit Balance from Zepp Health is released with AI-powered Features for the Ultimate in Balanced Living. The Amazfit Balance uses AI algorithms to provide you with personalized insights and guidance for your well-being.

Amazfit Balance Stylish Design and Durable Build

amazfit balance smartwatch design 2023

The Amazfit Balance is not only a smartwatch that can help you stay healthy, but also a stylish gadget to wear on your wrist that can complement any outfit. The smartwatch has a sleek metallic body and a 1.4-inch AMOLED display with 480 x 480 pixels resolution and 1,500 nits brightness. The display is protected by tempered glass and the watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters. The Amazfit Balance is available in different variants, colors, and straps to suit your preferences and budget.

The Amazfit Balance has a battery life of up to 7 days on typical usage and up to 25 days on battery saver mode. This means you don’t have to worry about charging it frequently and you can enjoy its features for longer.

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The Digital Wellness Coach Powered by AI

The watch mentors as well as monitors with the Zepp Aura AI-powered wellness software. Zepp Aura’s AI Sleep Assistant employs artificial intelligence to produce thorough sleep reports and provide advice.

zepp aura amazfit balance ai powered smartwatch
amazfit balance ai powered smartwatch

Zepp Aura: This is a feature that analyzes your sleep quality and provides you with detailed reports and expert tips on how to improve your sleep. It also offers meditation and relaxation soundscapes to help you reduce stress and achieve inner balance.

Zepp Coach: This is a feature that tracks your physical activities and gives you feedback and suggestions on how to optimize your fitness routines. It also measures your body fat percentage, body mass index, basal metabolism, skeletal muscle, and more from your wrist.

BioTracker: This is a feature that measures your heart rate continuously and alerts you if it detects any abnormalities. It also gives you a readiness score every morning based on how you slept and how your body is feeling.

Amazfit Balance Health Features

Health FeaturesFeatures
ReadinessReadiness score
Readiness insights
(trial, extended via subscription in select regions)
24H MonitoringHeart rate
Blood-oxygen saturation
Stress level
Manual MeasurementHeart rate
Blood-oxygen saturation
Stress level
Test 4 Metrics in 1 Tap (including Breathing rate)
Sleep Quality MonitoringSleep stages (including REM)
Daytime naps
Sleep schedule
Sleep breathing quality
Sleep score
Breathing ExerciseSupport
Health RemindersAbnormally high & low heart rate
Low blood-oxygen
High-stress level
Prompts to perform stress-reducing breathing exercise
Other Health FeaturesPAI health assessment system
Swimming heart rate monitoring
Heart rate recovery
Menstrual cycle tracking

Amazfit Balance Sensors & Connectivity

amazfit balance reviews 2023
CategorySensor Specifications
HealthBioTracker™ 5.0 PPG biometric sensor (8PD + 2LED),
BIA Bioelectric Impedance Sensor
MovementAcceleration sensor,
Geomagnetic sensor,
Geomagnetic sensor,
Air pressure sensor,
Ambient light sensor,
Temperature sensor
PositioningCircularly-polarized GPS antenna
Dual-band positioning
6 satellite positioning systems
ConnectivityWLAN 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 5.0
NFCZepp Pay
Linear motor

Amazfit Balance Price and Availability

You can directly make a purchase from their website or from Amazon’s online store. It will cost around $229.
Currently, the smartwatch is available in America and Europe and soon will be launched in other countries.

Some Other Outstanding Features

The Amazfit Balance also has other features that make it a versatile and convenient smartwatch:

Contactless Payments: You can use Zepp Pay, powered by Mastercard, to make secure and easy payments with your smartwatch. No need to carry cash or cards with you.

Notifications and Calls: You can receive notifications from your smartphone, such as messages, emails, social media updates, and more. You can also answer or reject calls with a simple swipe on your smartwatch.

Music Control: You can control the music playback on your smartphone with your smartwatch. You can play, pause, skip, or adjust the volume with ease.

Customizable Watch Faces: You can choose from a variety of watch faces to suit your mood and style. You can also create your own watch face with your favorite photos or images.

Final Words…

The Amazfit Balance is a smartwatch that offers a balance of style and functionality. With its AI-powered health features, other features, stylish design, durable build, long-lasting battery life, and seamless connectivity, it is poised to become a must-have gadget for those who want to live a balanced life.


1) Enable Off-wrist lock and password in the Zepp application> Profile> My devices> Watch Settings>Off-wrist Lock and Password.
2) Open Zepp Pay in the Zepp App: Profile >Select My Devices> App Settings. Add your MasterCard. Enter your card information and accept the Terms and Conditions. Follow the instructions to connect and activate your card.
3) Open Zepp Pay in the Zepp App. Select and enable your card before making a payment. Hold your watch near the reader to make a payment within 60 seconds.

1) The Workout Detection feature is disabled by default. You can go to Settings > Workouts > Workout Detection and select a workout type to enable this feature.
2) After the selected workout is detected, the watch will automatically enable the corresponding workout mode and record the workout data. For outdoor sports, your workout route will also be recorded.
3) The Alert toggle is turned on by default. An alert pops up whenever the start or end of a workout is detected. When the Alert toggle is turned off, the workout data will be silently recorded in the background and the watch face will display the Workout icon to indicate the user is working out.
4) Sensitivity is standard by default. The higher the sensitivity, the faster it is to detect the start and the end of a workout.

1) Go to App List(watch's) > Workout. Tap any of the workout items and go to Settings > More > Data Page.
2) You can add or delete data item pages or workout icon pages (add up to 10 pages and reserve at least one page).
3) You can choose the number of data items to display on each page. Tap the data field to edit the data items displayed by the data field.
4) During the workout, the edited real-time data items will be displayed as set.

Importing routes on the watch:
You can upload track files in GPX, TCX, KML and other formats to the Zepp app and then send them to the device through the app. After that, you can view and use the route for navigation on the device.
Steps: Track file > Open via Zepp app > Save track > Send to watch
Saving current location:
In the workouts that support navigation, you can save the coordinates of your current location and use it for navigation.
Steps: Before/ during Workout > Navigation > Save current location
Track navigation:
You can access the My Routes or My POIs entry points, select the desired route or location point, and start route navigation. After enabling it, the route page in the sports activity will guide you through the correct route. This feature is only applicable to some outdoor activities.
Steps: Workout > Navigation > My Routes/ My POIs > Select route > Start navigation

1) Wake up the watch face, and press and hold the watch face to go to the watch face selection page.
2) Swipe left or right on the screen to preview watch faces available on the watch. The Edit button will be displayed at the bottom of a watch face that supports component editing. You can tap this button to go to the component editing page of the watch face.
3) Select the component to be edited, and tap on the component or swipe up or down on the screen to change the component.
4) When you are done, press the side button to enable the current watch face

1) Check if the watch is out of power. Try pressing the button on the watch to check whether the screen lights up.
2) If it doesn't, charge the watch and try again.
3) If the watch is charged, try keeping it close to the phone when pairing the devices, and try again.
4) Please make sure your watch is not in Clock mode. You could exit this mode by long pressing side button of watch.
5) You may try to ignore/disconnect Bluetooth connection at Settings > Bluetooth > Amazfit Active on your phone.
If the connection still fails after these operations, restart Bluetooth, restart your phone, or swipe up on the QR code interface of the watch and select factory reset.

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