Many articles have already been written about the impending loss of jobs due to AI. But while computers increasingly outpace their human counterparts in the performance of repetitive tasks, they are also creating entirely new work for humans. Augmented intelligence jobs, for example, combine the strengths of humans and machines to deal with the onslaught of data being generated in the modern age. You did hear correctly. You don’t necessarily need to come from a technical background to take advantage of the increasing interest in this interdisciplinary sector.

If you too are looking to jumpstart your career in tech, but lack a degree in computer science, consider these FIVE new AI-powered job roles, which demand human skills.

1. Technical Writer

Technical writers are responsible for creating documentation for AI and ML products and services. They can help companies in the AI and ML industry by creating user manuals, technical guides, and other documentation. Technical writers ensure that users can understand how to use AI and ML products and services effectively.

2. Legal professionals

These people can help companies in the AI and ML industry by ensuring that they comply with laws and regulations. They can also help to protect companies’ intellectual property rights and ensure that contracts are legally binding. Legal professionals can also help companies to navigate the complex legal landscape of the AI and ML industry. In conclusion, the AI and ML industry offers various job opportunities for non-techies.

3. Business analysts

Business analysts help define the scope and objectives of AI and ML projects. They work with stakeholders to identify the project’s goals, timeline, and budget. Business analysts develop business cases that justify the investment in AI and ML projects. They analyze the costs and benefits of the project and provide recommendations to stakeholders. Business analysts who are well-versed in AI and ML technologies will be in high demand, and companies that invest in their expertise will have a competitive advantage.

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4. Project Manager

Project managers are responsible for ensuring that AI and ML projects are delivered on time and within budget. They work with stakeholders to define project requirements and manage project resources. They ensure that the project meets business needs and that project goals are achieved.

5. Data Analyst

Data analyst: A data analyst is in charge of looking through data to find patterns and trends. They can assist businesses in the AI and ML sectors by offering insightful data that can be used to enhance goods and services. Data analysts can also assist businesses in finding fresh customers and market niches.

Final Words…

    There are many career opportunities in AI, a huge sector with both tech- and non-tech-focused positions available. There are developing chances in this market regardless of your background—whether you’re a writer, salesperson, business analyst, or project manager. Having said that, you might need to take upskilling courses to increase your technical skills before transferring into any role connected to AI.

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