How to solve a coding problem

You may be one of them who is content with learning a new programming language and building a few applications with that, yet when you will enter this present reality industry, you will understand that your occupation isn’t simply composing the code and make things work. Your genuine occupation is to compose the perfect proportion of good code which implies it ought to be proficient and powerful. We have tried to sort out all the barrier for coders and programmers they may face while solving any problem through logics.

1. Firstly, understand & analyze

It doesn’t make any difference assuming that you have seen the problem or bug before or not, go through it a few times and comprehend it totally. Presently, ponder the problem and investigate it cautiously. Some of the time we read a couple of lines and expect the other things all alone yet a slight change in your approach can change a ton of things in your code so be cautious about that. Presently bring a paper and record everything. What is given (information) and what you want to find out (yield)?

2. Break in small parts

At the point when you see a coding question that is mind boggling or huge, rather than being apprehensive and getting confounded that how to settle that inquiry, separate the issue into more modest lumps and afterward attempt to take care of each part to the issue. The following are a few stages you ought to continue to tackle the intricate coding questions…

  • Address the subproblems. Make autonomous capabilities for each subproblem.
  • Any place it’s necessary use objects, classes and arrays while taking care of inquiries.
  • Write a pseudocode for your problem, pseudocode defines the structure of your code and it will help you to write every line of code that you need in order to solve the problem.

3. Simplify and Optimize your code

Continuously attempt to work on your code. Think back, investigate it indeed and attempt to track down a superior or substitute arrangement. We have referenced before that you ought to continuously attempt to compose the perfect proportion of good code so consistently search for the other arrangement which is more effective than the past one. Composing the right answer for your concern isn’t the last thing you ought to do. Investigate the issue totally with every conceivable arrangement and afterward record the most proficient or upgraded answer for your code.

Wrapping Up…

In this post, we discussed over few problem-solving strategy for solving coding problems and tackling them with confidence. Rehearsing this critical thinking strategy has massively helped me in my specialized meetings and in my occupation as a programmer.

In the event that you don’t feel sure with regards to taking care of coding issues, simply recollect that critical thinking is an expertise that anybody can get better at with time and practice.

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