New year has already passed by couple of days and am sure you must have already taken some resolutions to bring out a better version of yourself in 2023 and if your resolution includes health improvement, mental or physical, then am sure this article will benefit and interest you a lot. In this article, I have discussed everything related to an emerging & unique trend i.e. practicing naked yoga and it’s health benefits. I know, some of you might be surprised with this new but related term and wondering even something like this exists.

Yes, it does have it’s existence since ancient times and is also mentioned in Bhagavata Purana and by the Ancient Greek geographer, Strabo. As you are already familiar with term Yoga and no doubt, many of you must also be practicing it on daily basis. Yoga has its roots from India and is also considered as heritage of the country, as yoga is being practiced by Yogis since ages. In India, the practice of spiritual nudity is common among Aghoris, Jains and Naga Sadhus. As you have got the basic idea of naked yoga and it’s ancient existence, lets explore more about this kind of unique yoga practice and know in detail about it’s health benefits.

An Aghori from India

In the 21st century, this type of yoga practice is gaining popularity, specially in western countries where they have more familiarity with social nudity. Practicing yoga without clothes may seem a bit unconventional but a few countries like Germany and Switzerland are already well aware of naked yoga practices since decades.

Naked yoga may only appear to be a popular kind of exercise preferred by the world’s stunning celebrity bodies, but it’s something beyond that and anyone can practice this to drive health benefits from it. If you want to improve your poses or improve your mind-body connection, being naked can be the missing piece in your current yoga routine.

A naked yoga pose by a practitioner

Health Benefits Of Naked Yoga

Practicing yoga while completely naked, in the opinion of its practitioners, adds a new dimension of sincerity and authenticity to the practice. A stronger sense of awareness and freedom are brought about, encouraging a more connected and thoughtful practice. Naked yoga proponents assert that because there are no physical restrictions from clothing and stripping off adds a new degree of honesty and authenticity to yoga, the naked version is simpler to practice.

1. Deepens connection between Mind and Body

Yoga in the naked state is regarded as a spiritual practice. When practicing naked yoga, you catch all the errors that are difficult to spot when dressed. The bond between your body and brain grows and strengthens when you touch your organs while practicing naked yoga. Nude yoga is therefore advantageous for the fusion of the soul and the body. It becomes much easier to focus and feel every single move you do and it counts.

Establishing Mind and Body connection
Establishing Mind and Body connection

2. It helps In reducing stress and anxiety

Naked yoga practitioners experience greater self-acceptance, appreciation, and self-actualization in addition to the well-known physiological benefits of yoga, such as stress reduction, increased energy level and improved cardiovascular and brain activity. Psychological well-being acts like immune booster, and it’s common knowledge that when we feel better emotionally, we also feel better physically. People who practice naked yoga can feel liberated from their limitations, other people’s perceptions of them, and any body-related shame that might otherwise result in low energy and bad health. Negativity fades away as you learn to value and honor yourself, and any physical effects of storing or retaining poisonous emotions are resolved. You feel incredibly invigorated, vibrant, and serene as the body, mind, and soul come together and heal.

Stress-free, active and relaxed

3. Helps in creating a positive body image

Naked yoga encourages you to embrace and take pride in your special body and abilities by introducing you to a completely new way of viewing your own body. Individuals who are dealing with low self-esteem and weird body image can learn to embrace their bodies and recognize that their emotions of shame is just a type of inherited mental state brought on by societal criticisms when they practice being naked in a secure, supportive atmosphere.

Body full of positive energy
Body full of positive energy

4. Psychological Benefits

Naked yoga has certain psychological advantages, but hardly any physical ones, The health benefits of other yoga styles are amplified by naked yoga, which is also a terrific way to prevent heart disease, digestive issues, stress, and anxiety while boosting immunity and the endocrine system. It offers a psychological sensation of independence rather than a physical one. While Naked Yoga may not truly offer any additional health advantages above regular yoga, all what it has to offer is for mental health.

How To Practice Naked Yoga ?

There is no big rocket science in practicing effective naked yoga, its just all about mindset and how much prepared you are mentally to interact and feel your body, as asanas in this type of yoga almost remains the same just the difference would be your body without any clothes. Many people feel anxious or uneasy with the idea of going to a naked yoga class in person, offline classes are even not available everywhere, so my suggestion for you would be to try it first at home in your own personal space, learn from videos available online. If you want to discover an appropriate naked yoga session, you should do lots of research or you can simply find pre-recorded naked yoga classes online, you tube is always the best place to start your search journey. Try a five-minute naked meditation if you’re feeling ashamed. Focus on the feelings that you can feel on your skin. When you start to put your body into the yoga positions, it will help if you dive into a calm, meditative state.

Final Words…

It may be the case that not everyone enjoys practicing naked yoga, In my opinion, It liberates us from all restrictions imposed by other people and moves us closer to our true selves. Although it may initially appear ludicrous, being naked is how we were born and how we shall die. Naked yoga teaches us to accept both our own and other people’s bodies. I hope you have find this article interesting share it with those whom you find a great fit.

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